Our program is focused on finding forever homes for animals in urgent circumstances by saving them from imminent euthanasia in over-crowded shelters across the USA. Sections of this page. }); } It was entrusted to the National Animal Welfare Trust in October 2011 following the Sims retirement after 25 dedicated years of service. } else if (data.list.length < 7) { Wagtails is a safe and secure environment to train your dog, it provides peace of mind for you and freedom and fun for your four legged friend. $.ajax({ function fundraisingTeamnextAjaxPage () { function outputRafflePage (data, status, xhr) { function eventPagetidy (data) { item += "
"; function fundraisingPagetidy (data) { If your dog can jump over 2 metres then we may not be secure for you. With the same mission, same goals and expanded resources, our new programs will allow us to help even more homelss pets in and around Bexar county. item += " "; We always put the animal first – then the rest will follow. data: 'page=' + rafflePagepage + '&uid=1957903:1334753023325&findType=charity', for (var i in data.list) { $('#rafflePagenext').hide(); Sleep tight now Smudge. fundraisingPagepage = fundraisingPagepage+1; $('#fundraisingPagenext').hide(); $('#rafflePagenext').removeAttr("onmouseover"); }); item += data.list[i].description; } All of our animals are fostered by our wonderful volunteers in their loving homes. function rafflePagetidy (data) { $.ajax({ dataType: 'json', $('#fundraisingTeamnext').hide(); Russell Rescue, Inc. (RRI) is a national network of volunteers dedicated to placing unwanted, displaced or abandoned Jack Russell Terriers into permanent homes. We have a no destruction policy. $('#membershipPagenext').show(); $('#donationsnext').hide(); donationspage = donationspage+1; function outputFundraisingPage (data, status, xhr) { function membershipPagenextAjaxPage () { item += "
"; } 85 Great Portland Street, London. item += "<\/p>"; return false; $.ajax({ item += "

"; PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO THE COVID SITUATION, ALL HOMECHECKS HAVE BEEN PUT ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. dbarc. } data: 'page=' + eventPagepage + '&uid=1957903:1334753023325&findType=charity', WAGTAILS COUNTRY RETREAT is 13 acres of PRIVATE PROPERTY situated in the picturesque Adelaide Hills. $(document).ready(function(){ Wagtails Rescue is a small dog rescue centre based in Essex, dedicated to rehoming any dog given... Jump to. item += "<\/p>"; $('#fundraisingPagenext').removeAttr("onmouseover"); $.ajax({ } $.ajax({ function outputMembershipPage (data, status, xhr) { } else if (data.list[i].youTube != null) { + data.list[i].websiteAddress You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion. } //]]>, //"; item += data.list[i].targetAmount; } item += "

"; Adoptions: waggyadopt@gmail.com Waggytail Rescue CANNOT guarantee the exact age of any adoptable dog, or final size of any of our adoptable puppies. item += data.list[i].description; For further information visit the twitter feed. $('#eventPagenext').removeAttr("onmouseover"); [CDATA[ Single donation Golden Giving Ethical Trust is a charity (#1158620) registered with The Charity Commission of England and Wales. Animal Rescue Directory DogsBlog You can even select your dog via breed in this link . data: 'page=' + donationspage + '&uid=1957903:1334753023325&findType=charity', } else { dataType: 'json', for (var i in data.list) { Bishops Stortford CM22 7PR. Dog Rescue Pages. item += data.list[i].uid; }); $('#rafflePagenext').show(); We specialise in detection dogs for explosives, drugs, tobacco, cash, 'live' body detection, cadaver, disaster search/rescue, conservation and products of animal origin. }); item += "<\/div>"; return false; Wagtails Dog Rescue Essex - Dogs for Adoption & Rescue - DogsBlog.com. item += "<\/p>"; $('#donationsnext').show(); item += "<\/p>"; //]]>. $('#eventPagenext').html("No results"); } return false; url: '/api/membership-page/search', url: '/api/raffle-page/search', item += "

"; var item = "
"; if (data.list[i].comment) { success: outputFundraisingTeam $('#rafflePagecontent').html(''); item += ""; }); } else { } else if (data.list.length < 7) { item += "<\/a><\/p>"; Dogs trust. } $('#fundraisingTeamnext').html("No results"); Rescue Remedies. + "' class='btn mt-3'>Learn more<\/a>"; url: '/api/fundraising-page/search', if (data.list.length == 0) { Dogs for Adoption. $('#fundraisingTeamnext').removeAttr("onmouseover"); dataType: 'json', } else if (data.list.length < 7) { $('#membershipPagenext').removeAttr("onmouseover"); New Barn Lane. } item += "<\/div>"; [CDATA[ Available for Adoption Soon Please know that the dogs available soon, just got in or are coming to our rescue. } fundraisingPagetidy(data); //"; $('#rafflePagenext').html("No results"); success: outputFundraisingPage About Us. } function donationsnextAjaxPage () { Regular donation. data: 'page=' + fundraisingPagepage + '&uid=1957903:1334753023325&findType=charity', [CDATA[ item += "<\/p>"; data: 'page=' + fundraisingTeampage + '&uid=1957903:1334753023325&findType=charity', item += "

"; Happily Homed 2019. var item = "

"; item += "<\/p>"; item += data.list[i].name; data: 'page=' + donationspage + '&uid=1957903:1334753023325&findType=charity', for (var i in data.list) { function fundraisingPagenextAjaxPage () { if (data.list[i].imageUid != null) { item += data.list[i].name; 07815 547667 . //]]>, //"; + "' class='btn'>Learn more<\/a>"; Single donation dataType: 'json', $('#membershipPagenext').html("No results"); $(document).ready(function(){ ANNOUNCEMENTS **7th September** Covid-19 has unfortunately greatly affected the amount of work the rescue has been able to do over the last 6 months. item += ""; ... AA Dog Rescue - based in Essex & … $('#rafflePagecontent').append(item); We rescue dogs, cats and other types of animals suffering on the streets or neglected in the wild. data: 'page=' + eventPagepage + '&uid=1957903:1334753023325&findType=charity', item += "<\/h3>"; item += ""; $('#fundraisingPagecontent').append(item); $(document).ready(function(){ item += data.list[i].youTube; $('#eventPagenext').hide(); Phoenix Animal Care PAC Rescue . Run Free is a COMMUNITY ORIENTED SERVICE aimed towards dogs who are ANXIOUS or REACTIVE to other dogs or people. $.ajax({ If you are able, please consider making a. $.ajax({ item += data.list[i].date; if (data.list[i].imageUid != null) { item += data.list[i].name; }); + data.list[i].websiteAddress Internet based, with dogs in London, Surrey and Hampshire. for (var i in data.list) { Boarding dogs - 9am until 4pm Monday - Friday / 9am until 3pm Saturday and Sunday (earlier and later drop off times are available but must be confirmed in normal working hours) Email: contact@acresway.co.uk. [CDATA[ } item += "');this.disabled=true;\" class='btn btn-sm m-1' type='button' value='Add'/>"; $('#membershipPagenext').hide(); Lea Valley Dog Rescue. function outputEventPage (data, status, xhr) { Waggy tails rehomes dogs in dorset Waggy Tails Rescue is a registered charity based near Poole and Bournemouth. item += " plus "; Rescued 4 dogs and 4 cats from a Georgia rescue and now finding that one is aggressive- please help. return true; Dog and puppy training classes in Essex. data: 'page=' + fundraisingPagepage + '&uid=1957903:1334753023325&findType=charity', item += data.list[i].name; Wagtails Dog Rescue, Essex. Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation provides a world-class apprenticeship program that caters to different experience levels so that individuals can begin to develop or continue to build their skills in wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and animal care. $('#donationsnext').html("No results"); membershipPagetidy(data); Accessibility Help. rafflePagepage = rafflePagepage+1; dedicated to the rehabilitation and rehoming of small breed dogs and other animals in need. }); Address: Acres Way Kennels Great Burches Road Thundersley Essex SS7 3NE 01279 656633 . Mutts in Distress is an animal shelter located at Normandale Kennels, in Little Hallingbury near Bishops Stortford on the Hertfordshire / Essex border. $('#rafflePagenext').removeAttr("onmouseover"); } How to Adopt. } $.ajax({ In 2013 Animal Friends teamed up with a few other rescuers to form the new: Heart of Tx SPCA- K-9 Rescue. } success: outputRafflePage }); Mutts in Distress. //]]> item += "<\/div>"; success: outputMembershipPage The Wall. Essex - Clacton. item += "<\/div>"; item += ""; item += "<\/small>"; [CDATA[ Instagram Dogstrust_Basildon for some lovely profile and pictures of our doggy guests. $('#membershipPagenext').removeAttr("onmouseover"); Hope for Paws is a 501 C-3 non-profit animal rescue organization (E.I.N: 26-2869386). function rafflePagenextAjaxPage () { item += "

"; How You Can Help. function outputFundraisingTeam (data, status, xhr) { dataType: 'json', item += "

"; Welcome to Wallace Kennels Dog Rescue A small family run rescue established since 1975 dedicated to helping stray and unwanted dogs in and around the Essex area. item += "' allowfullscreen>"; Please feel free to contact us with questions. } }); } Home. item += "<\/div>"; Rescue centre - 10am until 3pm Monday - Sunday. url: '/api/fundraising-page/search', Regular donation, //"; Our oldest volunteer branch formed originally as a fundraising group in 1977, within months the volunteers realised that there were many animals in the area needing homes. item += data.list[i].amount; Donation Anonymous donated £6.00 plus £1.50 Gift Aid, on the 1st July 2020 Wagtails is a non-profit dog rescue centre based in Essex, dedicated to re-homing any dog given up by people unable or unwilling to care for them any longer. AA Dog Rescue is dedicated to finding homes for abandoned and alone rescue dogs and saving 'pound dogs' who through no fault of their own, have found themselves in council pounds. $('#eventPagenext').removeAttr("onmouseover"); $.ajax({ } return true; url: '/api/event-page/search', $.ajax({ + data.list[i].websiteAddress + data.list[i].websiteAddress var item = "

"; All dogs are put in foster homes for a minimum of 10 days where we may assess their behaviour and as soon as they are available for adoption they will be posted, due to the number of email and applications we do not accept an adoption application until the dog is available for adoption. } else { } donationstidy(data); }); } $('#donationscontent').append(item); + "' class='btn mt-3'>Learn more<\/a>"; } else { The field is currently just under an acre in size and is secured by 2 metre high fencing. He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. item += "<\/p>"; ————– Meet Smudge, a very cute American Cocker Spaniel boy. var item = "
"; rafflePagetidy(data); Since those early days the branch has found homes for thousands of unwanted cats and dogs besides helping many animals.Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer a rescue and rehoming service but can provide … dataType: 'json', $('#donationsnext').removeAttr("onmouseover"); item += "

"; MORE ABOUT WAGTAIL. Archive for Wagtails Dog Rescue Essex. //]]> $('#donationscontent').html(''); function donationstidy (data) { dataType: 'json', $('#eventPagenext').show(); }); He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. $('#fundraisingTeamnext').removeAttr("onmouseover"); Lizzie's Barn Animal Sanctuary. data: 'page=' + fundraisingTeampage + '&uid=1957903:1334753023325&findType=charity', //"; membershipPagepage = membershipPagepage+1; Waggtails School of dog training was started and is run by Denise Hubbard FdSc Canine Behaviour & Training, and is a KCAI (CD) The Kennel Club Accredited Instructor NPTC. item += "

"; Our Clacton site was originally set up by Ann and Reg Sims in 1984 as Clacton Animal Aid. Woodgreen Animal Shelter. if (data.list[i].name) { item += data.list[i].name; Hire a trainer and/or consult with a veterinary behaviorist to evaluate the causative factors and design a behavior plan. item += " by taking part in "; "; $('#membershipPagecontent').html(''); item += ""; } item += data.list[i].shortDescription; }); //"; wagtail. + data.list[i].websiteAddress //]]>, Single donation All dogs entering rescue are either temporarily placed in a foster home or must remain with their owners until a suitable home can be found. dataType: 'json', Phone: 01268 770402. } else { Wagtails is a non-profit dog rescue centre based in Essex, dedicated to re-homing any dog given up by people unable or unwilling to care for them any longer. item += "

"; [CDATA[ item += "

} else { return false; url: '/api/event-page/search', $('#donationsnext').removeAttr("onmouseover"); var item = "
"; item += "<\/p>"; return false; Waggtails provides a stimulating environment for puppies and dogs alike. url: '/api/raffle-page/search', }); Wagtails Dog Rescue Essex September 13, 2010 Captain is a 3 year old male Dalmatian. Please help us continue this work by clicking the donate button to make a tax-deductible contribution via PayPal. item += ""; item += data.list[i].currency; //]]> Waggytail Rescue DOES NOT have a physical shelter location. function eventPagenextAjaxPage () { item += "<\/div>"; W1W 7LT   07784 975 440. Waggytail Rescue cannot guarantee the size of a puppy/kitten. + "' class='btn mt-3'>Learn more<\/a>"; $('#fundraisingPagenext').html("No results"); [CDATA[ } } item += ""; ", Waggytail Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. item += data.list[i].bonusAmount; 01277 229739 . //]]> + "' class='btn mt-3'>Learn more<\/a>"; } else if (data.list.length < 7) { [CDATA[ if (data.list.length == 0) { function fundraisingTeamtidy (data) { }); AA Dog Rescue - Dogs available for adoption and waiting for homes. Wagtail UK are international specialists in detection dogs and dog handler training. //]]>, //"; item += "<\/h3>"; if (data.list[i].imageName != null) { Founded in 2004, Waggytail Rescue is a NYS registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and rehoming of small breed dogs and other animals in need. item += ""; He is good with adults and children but is selective with his doggy friends so for this reason we would prefer to rehome Captain as the only dog. Barbara says: June 18, 2015 at 11:57 am. item += "<\/iframe>"; } }); $('#membershipPagecontent').append(item); $('#fundraisingTeamnext').show(); item += "<\/div>"; Regular donation, //"; We rescue dogs from local pounds that would otherwise be destroyed, and offer them for rehoming. item += data.list[i].description; [CDATA[ $('#fundraisingTeamcontent').html(''); item += "src='"; } $(document).ready(function(){ return true; success: outputFundraisingPage if (data.message.findType == 'add-fundraising-team') { SAVING ABANDONED & ALONE DOGS. Home from Home - Our foster care service * Social Media * Follow us on twitter @DT_Essex for all the latest news. SAVING ABANDONED & ALONE DOGS. var membershipPagepage = 0; item += "Email supporter"; dataType: 'json', item += "

"; item += "

"; item += "<\/p>"; } item += " Gift Aid"; Wickford, Essex (9.3 Miles from Southend On Sea) Archie is now available for adoption. item += "

"; } About Us success: outputDonation item += data.list[i].progress; data: 'page=' + membershipPagepage + '&uid=1957903:1334753023325&findType=charity', item += data.list[i].currency; //]]> } We rescue dogs from local pounds that would otherwise be destroyed, and offer them for rehoming. Please be prepared for a puppy to be larger or smaller than expected. Wagtails is a non-profit dog rescue centre based in Essex, dedicated to re-homing any dog given up by people unable or unwilling to care for them any longer. item += "<\/p>"; //]]>, Single donation success: outputEventPage success: outputRafflePage if (data.list[i].imageUid != null) { We rely on the information provided to us by veterinarians, shelters, owner surrenders and other circumstances bringing the dog into our rescue. } item += "

"; //Donate<\/a>"; item += data.list[i].comment; var fundraisingTeampage = 0; } Little Hallingbury. }); } item += "<\/p>"; $('#fundraisingPagecontent').html(''); return true; item += "